Use Tackk to Create Web Pages Quickly

Next week, my Purdue advisor, Dr. Staci Trekles, my colleague Kathleen Gordon, and I will be presenting at the 12th Annual SLATE conference in Naperville, Illinois, October 22, 2014. The SLATE conference is an annual learning and technology conference for educators and trainers integrating various technologies with both F2F and online courses.

To create an announcement for our presentation, Staci suggested I use I signed up, and within five minutes I was hooked. I love Tackk! It’s ridiculously easy and fun to use–and it’s free to sign up.

As an ed tech tool, this one is perfect for both students and teachers to create announcements, fliers, posters, and other types of web pages for various assignments. You can embed videos and other media, create buttons, add forms, and modify colors easily and quickly. The nice thing is, you can embed the whole Tackk into another web page.  To embed, just grab the embed code and paste it into the HTML of your site. Below is our announcement embedded: