General Educational Resources

I’ve curated some sites I’ve found to be very valuable for educators, including instructional designers and technologists.


One of my favorite ed tech tools for bookmarking links and sharing them is LiveBinders. Below are two of my binders:

I’m continually adding resources, so be sure to check these binders often for more helpful sites.


The best free tutorials I’ve found for productivity software and various web tools are those created by, an absolutely wonderful resource developed by the Goodwill Community Foundation. GCFLearnFree has created several tutorials and learning videos YouTube videos. The lessons are engaging, and the videos, which can be captioned, are easy to follow. Here’s an example of one of their tech videos:


Computer Hope is a free computer information site that provides troubleshooting tips for PCs and tips on Internet searching.

Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers is a popular site among educators.  Blogger Richard Byrne, a former social studies teacher, provides descriptions of and links to all sorts of cool, free resources for teachers. I’ve learned about so many useful sites and apps through this site!

eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry is a helpful blog for professionals who work in any area of online educational content creation and delivery. Articles on professional development, elearning trends, and tips for using current software are useful to anyone who wants to stay on top of this field.


Codeacademy is free coding tutorial site. The lessons are highly interactive, easy to follow, and fun. The mini-projects are relevant to anyone working in website and graphic design. I highly recommend this site as a first step in learning how to code and build websites!