Web-based Lesson on Domestic Terrorism

I designed this instructional website on domestic terrorism as a graduate class project. The project goal was to design a basic site and one lesson with interactive elements. I created content for the Introduction, the About page, Lesson 1, and the References page.

As part of my learner analysis, I created a two-part survey as a type of pre-test for adults, who were the audience for this mini-course. The first part is an 11-question quiz assessing knowledge on terrorist events in U.S. history; the second part is a 5-question survey determining respondents’ Internet usage and experience completing online (web-based) tutorials, lessons, or courses.

I’ve included here a screencast presentation in which I talk about my process of designing the site, both the reasons for choosing the content and the technical details behind working with the site’s theme and design, which are based on elements from the Fluid 960 Grid System.