Podcast: How to Use O*NET OnLine

A large part of my job has been continually updating and revising the career planning course at my school. Over the years I’ve used a lot of different sites to research career options for students, and one site I’ve found to be an incredibly valuable tool is O*NET OnLine, a career exploration site funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Based on thorough research, the information on the site covers knowledge, skills, tasks, activities, tools, education and training, among other characteristics, for hundreds of occupations. The site is useful for counselors and teachers as well as high school and college students and adults looking to change careers.

The site has many different search options and lists of occupations based on the characteristics mentioned earlier. You could probably spend hours searching and reading about different occupations, so it’s best to start off with one specific characteristic as a search option; in other words, it’s best to choose the one characteristic that’s most important for your or your student’s goals at this point.

This podcast will help you learn how to use some of the search options on O*NET OnLine. The enhanced podcast, which contains images, is best viewed in iTunes. To listen and view the enhanced podcast, click the link below and download the audio file. You can listen to the audio in any web browser.

I hope you’ll find the site as useful as I have!

podcast – How to Use O*NET OnLine